Advanced Certificate in
Wildlife Conservation and Management
This programme is specially designed for adults who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the principles and practice of Wildlife Conservation and Management. 
  • to enhance their career growth or
  • to enable students to pursue further studies in this field of study or   
  • to create awareness among enthusiastic conservationists. 
The programme of study will cover basic scientific knowledge with respect to the understanding of biology, diversity, ecology of plants, animals and other living forms considered as wildlife, their conservation status and management of their habitats, techniques in assessing wildlife populations, their threats, habitat quality and social impact on wildlife. The courses in the programme of study have a considerable amount of practical training hours and a separate  project study which involves theory, practice and applications.   The most significant feature is the attempt made to develop in learners’ techniques and skills of conservation and management of wildlife with social inputs from stakeholders of wildlife.

The Programme will be conducted by the Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the principle medium of instructions will be in English and Sinhala. Academic activities will be conducted only at the Colombo Regional Centre of the OUSL.

This course deals with the use of conventional and modern tools and techniques to inventories and monitor wildlife populations and use of survival strategies when dealing with wildlife to maintain the quality of habitats. Initially study techniques associated with inventorying and monitoring biodiversity such as census and estimates, live trapping, visual encounter surveys..etc.. will be taught. Secondly, the use of wild plant and animal cues, field crafts in wildlife management will be discussed. Thirdly laboratory work such as museum techniques, preservation of organisms will be focused. As the last part of the course, modern techniques in population studies such as radio telemetry, camera traps, vocalization etc.. will be discussed.

The course consists field classes to national parks in Sri Lanka such as Wilpaththu, Bundala, Girithale, Maduru Oya...etc. The aim of the field class is acquiring hands on practice of the studied wildlife techniques.